About Grabo

by Nemo Power Tools

Grabo® was invented and developed by Nemo Power Tools Limited, a leading developer of various premium power tools for professionals in multiple industries. Nemo Power Tools is based in Hong Kong, with engineering design and sales offices in Israel, USA and Australia.

Our power tools were originally custom-designed and built for scientific and government organizations starting in 2010. Before creating our own line of mass-produced tools, Mechanical engineers and founders Nimo Rotem and Oleg Zhukov developed custom-built power tools for the USA navy, Israeli Defense Forces and other customers with unique requirements. In 2013 the decision was made to adapt the technology to commercial use and launch our own line of premium products.

Since then, Nemo Power Tools has developed a wide range of power tools and accessories. Our first line of products included cordless waterproof tools for the commercial diving and offshore drilling industry, scuba diving lights, lasers and other marine rated equipment.

We pride ourselves in working together with our partners and clients to better understand what they need to do their work more quickly and easily. Our love of innovation combined with our desire to provide our customers with useful, quality products means that we integrate new and exciting technologies into our products. Nemo Power Tools uses technologies generally found in more high-tech products: batteries and electronics from the drones industry, cooling technology from the computer industry, and sealing and fabrication methods from the marine industry.

Our experience with products made for the most extreme conditions on earth has helped us build quality production lines with uncompromising quality controls, testing and engineering capabilities.

Since our founding in 2014, we have expanded our product line to include a wide variety of heavy sduty tools for use above and below the water including several models of drills, impact wrenches, impact drivers, angle grinders, and hammer drills.

Grabo is a patented idea of our founder Nimo Rotem. A revolutionary new tool which had become a best seller in multiple countries shortly following it’s release in 2019.

We are proud to partner with over 150 distributors in 45 countries, who are bringing Grabo, as well as other Nemo tools to their local dealers and customers.


  Nimo Rotem

Founder - CEO

  Coffee Guo

Operation Manager

  Tony Fulford

Sales Representative


Inventory specialist

  Willy Arisky

Web Developer

  Cookey Zhou

Mechanical Engineer

  Eagle Huang

Electrical Engineer

  Bill Shi


  Nick Ni


  Oleg Zukov

Founder - CTO

  Fiona Xia

Logistic Manager

  Greg Sachdev

Sales Representative

  Amy Zhu

Purchasing Specialist

  Guy Gan

Mechanical Engineer

  Lee Li

Manufacturing & QA

  Mate Li


  Darren Stoter

Business development/Sales manager

  Lala Fan

Logistic specialist

  Claire Huang

Sourcing Specialist

  James Zhang

Mechanical engineer

  Bevis Cheng

Mechanical Engineer

  Peter Zhou

Electrical Engineer

  Gary Ye