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The world’s first portable electric vacuum grabber
Grab almost any surface with ease
Up to 375 lbs of holding force.

Grabo is a new patented product, by Nemo Power Tools.

A new and revolutionary way to lift and handle tiles, Glass, concrete, dry walls, plywood furniture and much more.

Grabo is the most exciting new invention in the power tools industry, since the pistol grip drill, and a 2019 best seller in hardware stores around the world.
Designed for flooring professionals, Glass installers, carpenters, movers, construction workers and more.

Grabs a hold of rough, porous and wet surfaces!

Tile and Floor

The Grabo makes moving and placing tile, hardwood and vinyl a breeze, whether you’re laying flooring or covering walls. This powerful tool minimizes the risk of damage to expensive materials and maximizes efficiency, all while reducing physical workload.

Windows and Doors

Remove and install medium to large windows and doors, including hardwood products, with ease using
the Grabo. Secure the tool directly to the window or door and place it by hand or use it
alongside ropes and/or a crane to maintain maximum control.

Carpenters and Wood Working

Streamline framing, finish work and woodwork with the Grabo. Securely move and place plywood, lumber, beams and drywall quicker and more safely than ever before, all while minimizing the risk of material damage.


Reduce physical exertion and increase safety and speed by using the Nemo Grabo to move appliances, boxes and furniture of all sizes. When used alongside moving straps, the Grabo makes quick work of moving larger household goods like entertainment centers, washing machines and refrigerators.

Warehouse Workers

Ideal for warehouse workers, the Grabo increases efficiency while reducing workload and risk of injury. Move machines, boxes and products of all sizes quickly and safely with this powerful, portable tool.

Temporary Door Handle / Rail

The Grabo isn’t just for construction and moving professionals. Transform the tool into a temporary, secure handicap rail to making getting in and out of your shower safer and easier.

The Grabo is being tested by NASA!

Our friends from NASA are one of the early adopters, testing the Grabo for future use inside the international space station!

The world’s first portable electric vacuum grabber

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The Grabo is not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person’s weight. Using this product for climbing or any other unintended purpose may result in injury or death.